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(verb) To use one's body (in as many pieces as necessary) to clear a tactical area of explosives so that one's compatriot ninjas may succeed in their mission.
Could you three scravenge out that minefield so I can get to the exit for this level?
by Elipsis March 05, 2008
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Someone who scavenges up all the weed scraps after someone is done packing a bowl and/or Rolling a J. (can be used as Scravenge, Scravenger or Scrav.)
Me after rolling a Joint: Man look at all those scraps
(Friend1 takes scraps)
Me: Man WTF you Scravenge.
Friend2: Haha you Scravenger.
Friend3: Haha what a Scrav.
by Scravenge h8ter April 24, 2011
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