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The biggest, most heavily populated and contrasting city in the World. With more then 23 million people and covering an area of almost two times New York City, MC is the city with the most contrasting views, from High, modern skyscrapers,clubs, bars,concerts,gardens, Giant Stadiums, Arenas, Airports,highways and State-of-the-art boutiques to the slummy outskirts where poverty rules.
OMG Mexico City is tha shit! It's like even bigger than New York, though the outskirts suck.
by Paul BS October 25, 2005
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World's largest city known for wealth, poverty, and it's history. The main place in Mexico that has civilized culture.
Polanco in Mexico City was very chic.
by Michael October 25, 2003
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The capital and largest city of Mexico and the largest in North America, and almost the largest city on the planet. It's gargantuan city population of almost 10-million and a metro population of like 20-million, gives MC the dubious distinction of being the most polluted, most dangerous city in the world, and the world's kidnapping capital. However, the city has excellent nightlife among the elite and 20-something crowd. It is also the media and commercial capital of Latin America. Believe it or not, there is also a large American influence in much of the city.
Mexico City is a gargantuan city of the world in population. It's great to visit, but you dont ever want to live there. After flying over it and visiting it, anyone will quickly see why it is a Mega world city.
by July 17, 2009
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One of the most polluted and corrupt cities on Earth. Also the place where the most corrupted and unproper Spanish is spoken.
Sometimes you have to wear gas masks in Mexico City.
by crazyraverstud July 16, 2006
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