Do you think Clinton's wife could be president?
No Hitlery already got beat by Trump
by Elalacran October 4, 2021
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Adj. Used to describe a remark or statement as being funny/humorous in relation to people of Jewish descent and/or the Holocaust.
Little Timmy: How many Jews can you fit in a four door sedan?

Hannah Banana: How many?

Little Timmy: Two in the front, two in the back and about seven million in the ash tray.

Hannah Banana: Oh Timmy! You are Hitlerious! Kiss me.

by IheartCautionMan March 3, 2009
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(adjective) any politically incorrect Holocaust joke that is still laughed at by a group of non-anti-semetic people.
Steve: Having trouble concentrating?

Brad: Yeah ::scratches head::

Steve: Maybe we should send you to concentration camp!

All: Hahahahaha.

Brad: That's hitlerious!
by Skiles2000 April 26, 2009
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adj. (Hit-lar-e-us) the comedic act of extreme nazi-ism or extreme predjudice.
Those jews got Pwn'd shit was so Hitlerious.

Cops beat this nigger on the side of the road for no insurance, I lol'd hard it was so Hitlerious
by Lord Broseph March 17, 2010
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A radical fascist feminist dictator wannabe that ran for POTUS in 2016, but lost to a radical misogynist Tronald Dump.
Did you vote for hitlery clittorn in 2016? Oh, I see, you have a brain cancer.
by Murdoc Kylburne February 19, 2017
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