An obese police officer that does a lousy job at protecting the town of Springfield.
Chief Wiggum: "Fat Tony is the cancer, and I am the...what cures cancer?"
by Deathgrind > you August 28, 2007
1) Real name: Clancy Wiggum. Springfield's police chief, see Simpsons. Known for his morbid obesity and bumbling police work. 2) An incompetent police officer, often consigned to mall security.
Oh Jesus, they got some Chief Wiggum of a former sherrif's deputy handling the graveyard shift at Central.
by LudwigVan November 12, 2003
A Person who has terrible aiming skills on multiplayer shoot 'em up.
*Person who fails to frag another at close range* "Good Work, Chief Wiggum"
by warezWally November 23, 2010
A lifestyle comprised primarily of donuts and alcohol, partaken in by those of an obese nature, not unlike the character Chief Wiggum from the popular TV series The Simpsons.
Hey girl, you pretty fat. You on The Chief Wiggum Diet?
by TheChadiestChad December 19, 2020