An individual with particularly large fat fingers. Those inflicted knock over on average 5 cups of coffee a day, and could spend over a week trying to thread a needle.
Tunde go and get another cloth. Your sausage fingers have knocked my coffee over.

by Criggy Bar Bar September 14, 2006
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^as above^
Also known as 'well hung' in lesbian circles.
"Daaammnn... that chick over there's gote some big sausage fingers. I'm getting horny just looking at them"
by Johnny Pot Smoker September 3, 2003
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When a person types on a keyboard and hits 2 keys at once
or presses key that hard nearly breaks keyboard
Gary "steves typing again"
Mark "yea you can tell you seen that keyboard jump"
Gray "Yea steve and his sausage fingers"
by Weasle1uk January 16, 2008
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Small, short, wide, obese fingers that resemble jimmy dean sausages. Makes it nearly impossible to use touch screen technology such as ipods, cellphones, etc.
Her sausage fingers grotesquely touch three letters at once on her touchscreen keyboard.
by Garald November 14, 2011
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When A Girl has very short but very fat fingers. Mostly found on short fat girls in the enterprise, alabama area.
Hey, check out Sausage Fingers over there!
Somebody get this Sausage Fingers away from me?
God damn that bitch has some Sausage Fingers!
by R1crazy May 17, 2003
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A person who has abnormally large fingers.
Keiran: Are you holding five baguettes Levitt?
Pete: No, they're just my Sausage Fingers.
by Turnipboy October 28, 2010
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When u have really fat fingers. Such as if u r a huge fat ass, or just a little midget
MIDGETS!!! mini-me oompa loompas Ask Gray-he knows what i'm talkin bout
by Doopa December 27, 2003
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