A cult in Texas with people who marry at 13 and have hundreds of children while being whipped and beaten. (polygamy)(Cult)(Texas) (Underage marriage) (Religion)
"That guy has 3 wives that are thirteen"
"He must be in the FLDS"
by Rob Simpson April 16, 2008
FLD is when you see some kid from Spanish 101 wasted at a party and he wont stop speaking to you in Spanish
by Jon385 April 16, 2011
Flat Laydown. In sales terms especially with car dealers an FLD is an easy sale where no selling is involved where the buyer is already to go and no "selling" is required.
John got that FLD deal on that BMW 328i. Big deal!
by karaoke008 March 22, 2007
1. Acronym for 'Fucking Let Down'. Used in the case of a young large slapper, or commonly known as a 'big cat' amongst his allies for using a complete lack of organisation and innitiative at key moments (eg. crap corner in the game of Dallas). Has a history of family disownership, hence the resulting title 'Fucking Let Down'
2. FLD can be used to describe anything that has been built to extreme levels of anticipation but failed to reach that point.
- The Real Direz, Jesus Spaz
Person A: "Yeah... I'm like really good at Dallas. Probably the best you'll ever see"
*Person A does a complete shithouse kick and loses the ball on the roof of the library
Person B (and associates): "F..L..D!"
FLD; Flash Learning Disorder; when someonw who has attepted to educated themselves in the animating ways, but is still terrible.
OMG i just cant do it.
Yes you can.
Just TRY!
i do! but every time i try it ends up gay.
you might have FLD.
by Marco Leeroy December 11, 2006
FLD - a quote from multiple rock songs.
by sexyraider August 16, 2010
Acronym; Fine little dicks (according to my sources) ;).
(In Text Message with Friend)
"Hey did you go home with anyone last night"
"...yeah that guy I was with last night sure had a FLD (sex) too."
by Salty.Bugz June 27, 2022