Domina is a Latin word which means 'Mistress'

This is usually used in the context of BDSM Domination

There are several clubs which use this title as their name. These are almost all BDSM clubs with a FemDom (female domination) theme
Club Domina in north London has a lovely resident house domme
by DutchCappedCrusader January 10, 2014
A woman of rank; a woman holding a barony in her own right.
She is a Domina, nothing to do with Dominatrix.
by The Only Domina May 17, 2011
a pretty darkskin girl who is nice, smart, loving, and all of the above. she can have her moments where she can be a bitch, but only if you deserve it. she’s secretive and defends herself when she needs to. she very independent.
aj : “man, look at dominae.”
tyrese : “i see her... she’s beautiful but she said she doesn’t want or need a man.”
aj : “she’s right about that. she’s perfect!”
by nonymousy October 10, 2019
name typically taken by an extremely attractive girl. loves disney movies, eye contact, salmon everyday, and being tickled at all times. demands her own movie theater every time she visits the cinema.
Wow, that hot girl just put on a pair of hard plastic 3-d glasses and people immediately started calling her domina.

I went to go see a movie today with my friends but I got kicked out after some girl named domina demanded she have the whole theater to herself.
by Lumière February 3, 2012
Andrew Domina, the literal definition of a simp. This kid talks to every girl in the grade and prefers the opposite gender than the bros. This kid violated the bro code heavily. Andrew talks to a group full of girls to eventually try to date them.
That kid Andrew Domina? Yeah, he's the biggest simp of all time.
by Simp Eliminator February 7, 2020
A species of marajuana that is always feminine. One of the best out there delivering an intense high of pure ectasy and will be dominated.
"I smoked that black domina shit...and got so fucked up!!!"
by camleocre October 21, 2009