A system of beliefs that focus on embracing your inner darkness and dismantling all religion and exposing the false but more importantly it venerates the essential characteristics that are affixed to junior grimes.

The true identity of Junior grimes is hard to decipher since he is many things

The forbidden one or Junior grimes, are that being that do everything, that’s what make them so formidable since he has infinite knowledge and ways of solving problems.

Those who follow king junior are known as juniortroopers or children of grime.

Junior is seen as the badguy when he’s actually the good guy trying to free everyone from religious enslavement

The forbidden one/Junior grimes or the sinful son. Aka “j grimes” but he has many names so don’t limit it to this.

The solution with juniorism is that he doesn’t delude anyone into thinking otherwise and is straightforward with his ideals and doesn’t pretend to be a saint, he’s the outcast, the one everybody believes to be a bad influence when he’s simply misunderstood.

Juniorism is set of ideas and provable facts that depict the truth of junior grimes ideology and mentality which describe the falsifying nature of religion and cynicism of human behavior as well as the true nature of the earth and its forbidden secrets. There’s Much more but for now, we’ll leave it at this.

Juniorism truly is something else
Juniorism is the reason why many former religious types; muslims, jews, christians, Hindus, etc are liberated from the brainwashing of religion as well as society and false morality.

Juniorism is a movement and religion
by Imperfect thot July 20, 2021
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The philosophy of junior grimes mentality and behavior. Rejecting social norms and embracing your inner darkness and disregarding the rules and enjoying your youth. Junior says this in the bibble as he is the sinful son; the son of the darkness.

Juniorism is taught in very few schools these days but if you look in the right place you may study it.

Traits and characteristics tied to junior grimes (Logan) aka “J grimes” or junior the egomaniac

There’s more meanings to Juniorism so go pick up a book and read up on it , ya lazy bum!
Juniorism is religion for those who despise religion and the deluded people who fall victim to lies.

Juniorism makes Scientology look like fanfiction, since it is anyway lmao


“One must study Juniorism to truly understand the secrets of the earth and origins of life and the mind. “ -somebody important


Junior: hey you! Study up on Juniorism!

world leaders: yes sir, we’re sorry , of course! Right away master!

Junior: >:)
by Pseudonvm August 06, 2021
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Distinguished from the more famous Senioritis in this way:

- Junioritis gets work done
- Senioritis does not get work done

Often, people will define Junioritis as Senioritis, but just in Junior year. This is a false definition because, really, they are two very different things.

A symptom of Junioritis is discovering your optimal bullshit level. Throughout your freshman and sophomore years, you have experimented by trial and error how much bullshit you can actually get by. Now that you are a Junior, the bullshit level is just right, like Goldilocks finding Baby Bear's soup. On the other hand, Senioritis rejects the idea of tactical bullshitting and forgoes expending effort as a whole.

Another possibly related symptom of Junioritis is finding out how much you can get done in a short amount of time. If we were to compare a productivity/time graph of a freshman, a sophomore, and a junior, we will notice that as

student -> senior

productivity begins to concentrate closer and closer towards the due date. In essence, the Junior knows how to be a productivity machine, but only after procrastination (prerequisite).

At student=senior, productivity does not exist.
100 math questions assigned Tuesday, due next Monday.

Freshman: Steady pace of 20 math questions per day.
Sophomore: Done on weekend, mostly Sunday.
Junior: Done on Sunday night/Monday morning. (Infected with Junioritis)
Senior: Meh. (Infected with Senioritis)
by raiseyourweapon March 05, 2013
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Being forcibly subordinated to someone of equal or higher rank within a company or other organization.
Despite his considerable experience, he was totally juniorized by middle management and was forced to perform menial tasks because he was the new guy.
by MarkPG949 February 16, 2012
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A condition that strikes high school juniors. Symptoms include frequent headaches, frequent complaints of stress, random hyperventilation, violent mood swings, and a disinterest in schoolwork. Mainly caused by an overdose of AP classes, a very heavy workload, college visits, extracurricular activies, and school sports. In 99.8% of all cases of junioritis, senioritis will result. There is no known cure. Treatments include snow days or any prolonged vacation period.
Why isn't Alex coming to the movies with us?
He's stricken with junioritis. He has a five page world history essay due tomorrow.
by clfson November 14, 2005
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He is a nice handsome smart guy,an more than Likely he is tall. He gets the girls. But there's this one specific girl he should choose.She cares.💙💙
Junior is so smart
by 💓💙 May 30, 2018
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a very sexy handsome smart man who has 3 siblings or is cute he is very rich and well be come smart and rich someday
by Juniorthesmartest October 11, 2020
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