People born in January 30 are the most kind, loving, caring, and prettiest people on earth, you would definitely want to be friends with someone who has this birthday
Wow that girl who was born on January 30 is beautiful
by Hiiamamazing November 7, 2019
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People born on January 30 are pretty good at everything. Good at sex, smart kind, all that shit.
Hey do you know Tyler’s birthday is January 30th? He must be good at everything!
by DeadPoolYTC October 18, 2019
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If you were born on this day congratulations!! You must be a chill type of person and the best person to meet, you're funny, a lil crazy but everyone likes that and most likely your loving and want respect from people. If you're into zodiacs than you're an Aquarius (basically the best sign out there) also I'm pretty sure you look better than the rest of your classmates and you can never be called ugly without it being a lie
Person: "Hey it's January 30!"
by chlo_ca May 4, 2021
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The day I made a mistake of asking for a baby sister
On January 30th the demon known as my sister was born.
by Senpai~~ November 3, 2019
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National WEASEL DAY!!!
Anyone born on this day is a weasel!
by BigBoyJasmine October 21, 2019
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National English teacher day. If you feel like it say something nice to your favourite english teacher. It will lighten their day, so go on have some fun.
8Ba: letts say something nice
Its January 30, lets say they are the best teacher
by AidenGoth January 25, 2020
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