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Fascist political movements are characterized by violent intolerance of any and all competing ideologies and movements. Rather than campaigning to win hearts and minds, fascists employ tactics intended to intimidate and terrorize opponents into submission. As demonstrated by Hitler’s brownshirts in Weimar Germany during the 1920’s, fascist tactics include smashing storefronts and destroying property, disrupting competing political events (sound familiar?) and beating attendants as well as attacking the offices of journalists and newspapers critical of their movement.

Once in power, fascist regimes will track down, arrest, incarcerate, beat and or execute their political enemies. Media is tightly controlled and the flow of information is closely guarded to protect the state. Invasive surveillance is employed to detect dissidents who can be arrested without cause, sentenced without trial and subjected to hard labor, re-education camps or execution. Fascist movements are especially dangerous when they deceitfully try to present themselves as “anti-fascist”. By simply labeling everybody they disagree with as “white supremists” or “nazis”, so-called anti-fascists are able to get away with much the same behavior as their brownshirt forebears. When trying to decode which political movement in your country most closely resembles fascism, the one that is openly advocating “punching” people they disagree with is probably the one to stay away from.
I employ fascist tactics to intimidate people I disagree with. Yet somehow I’m anti-fascist. <scratches head>
by Dupaspock Johnson December 20, 2021
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James Cameron is a high functioning psychopath who nails every criteria set forth on the Hare psychopathy checklist. His grandiose opinion of self and contemptuous distain for people he views as below him has made life miserable for those who have ever worked for him or lived with him.

Like all psychopaths, Cameron views people not as human beings to be valued and respected, but rather as disposable pawns to be abused and manipulated into satisfying his own wants and needs. He presents himself as a champion of post modern feminism yet has never had enough respect for women to honor his wedding vows; having cheated on every single one of his wives. Impulsive sexual behavior is another symptom of psychopathy. Unless you’re a bitter, ripped, humorless butch, you’re not a real woman to Cameron anyway. He blatantly steals from other writers and artists without providing credit or recognition. Both The Terminator and Avatar are stolen properties (look it up). You see, to an anti-social narcissist like Cameron, his brilliance so far surpasses that of other artists, he feels he owes them nothing. What do you say about a liberal who has so little regard for worker’s rights that he accuses his crew of not caring about the movie they’re working on simply because they took a standard, company authorized work break every day. All you can do is state the obvious. As Bobby Fischer, Mike Tyson and James Cameron show, sometimes great talent is given to horrible people.
I’m James Cameron, and I’m too busy admiring myself to waste time being a decent human being.
by Dupaspock Johnson October 22, 2022
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When done correctly, principled anti-fascism utilizes constitutionally protected free speech and the right to protest to impose a cost on those who publicly endorse white supremacy. Groups such as Neo-Nazis, Klansmen, Aryan Nation activists and Skinheads can all expect firm opposition if they choose to hold an event or otherwise attempt to intimidate and threaten people of color.

In practice....Antifa activists in The United States have proven to be nothing more than whiny, intolerant costumed children lashing out at anyone and anything they don’t like. Impulsive and Intellectually lazy, American Antifa wannabes lack either the will or the ability to learn the philosophical underpinnings of their white supremist opponents. As such, they simply can’t tell the difference between a member of a hate group calling for a race war against blacks and jews, and a Republican calling for lower taxes and deregulation. The result is embarrassing public tantrum throwing rather than effective anti-fascist protest. Having given themselves license to publicly excoriate anything they don’t like, they have become symbols of ignorance and intolerance emblematic of an emotionally fragile, thin-skinned generation of young people entitled to be neither offended nor challenged. They are a pathetic, cos-play imitation of anti-fascism and deserve only to be laughed at or forgotten altogether.
I fight intolerance by exemplifying intolerance. I must be an American Antifa wannabe.
by Dupaspock Johnson March 2, 2021
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Antifa activists were molded in childhood when their mother’s bought them candy at the grocery store checkout just to get them to stop whining and shut up. They learned at an early age that they were entitled to anything they wanted in life simply by throwing embarrassing public tantrums and making everyone’s lives miserable. Unworthy of being compared to the real
Anti fascists who fought and died fighting white supremists on Civil War battlefields and Nazis on the beaches of Normandy; Antifa activists will henceforth be referred to as leftist incels. Yes, the leftist incel may have a useless liberal arts degree which leaves him working as a closing manager at KFC and watching pornhub in his parents basement on his day off; but at least he can put on his plastic, Walmart Batman mask he’s had since the age of 11 and terrorize old ladies in the streets for the crime of checking out a local Republican campaign rally. Cheer up leftist incels; inflatable women have come a long way.
I’m an American Antifa activist and I can’t finish this sentence because I’m being laughed at.
by Dupaspock Johnson June 18, 2022
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Another word for hypocrite. Examples include woke college students raging against capitalism with a smart phone in one hand and a Starbucks latte in the other. Limousine liberal famous actors lecturing the public about climate change and inequality while traveling the world on private jets and hoarding their wealth in overseas tax shelters. Leftist college professors who shame their students with accusations of white privilege but live in snow white suburbs and send their kids to snow white school districts. Western feminists and LGBTQ activists who stand ready to burn down a local Christian bakery but don’t seem to give a shit when oppressed women and LGBTQ people are imprisoned, raped or lynched in Muslim majority countries around the world. The list is endless
I stand for everything Inclaim to oppose. I must be a leftist.
by Dupaspock Johnson December 31, 2021
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The result of a top secret, Russian DNA splicing experiment involving J.J. Abrams, Woody Allen, and Spock. Rachel Maddow was once considered for membership in the Avengers before Black Widow pointed out that smirking isn’t really a superpower.

Although the experiment was considered an overall success, Russian scientists still haven’t figured out why Rachel Maddow bursts into flames when exposed to sunlight or when she tries to wear anything other than a black pants suit. Although not confirmed, it’s been reported that Rachel Maddow sleeps while hanging upside-down in her closet and devours a bucket of pinky mice before going on the air. Her favorite hobby is eating tuna casserole out of a dog food bowl while watching Baywatch and her dream is to one day be the center segment in a human centipede with Ellen Degeneres and Hillary Clinton.
Be afraid of Rachel Maddow. Be VERY afraid.
by Dupaspock Johnson March 16, 2022
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