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American Anti-Fascism is the belief that every ideology that leans right of Establishment Democrat is fascism or a similar buzzword and must be dealt with through means of violent, terroristic threats and fifteen against one mob beatings that mirror the lynchings carried out by their also masked forefathers of the Ku Klux Klan, so that the Establishment Democrat revolution against Donald Drumpf can be secured. All proponents are a mix of white liberal arts and gender studies majoring millennials and genzennials raised in upper-middle or upper class homes, white boomers and gen Xers who peaked as assistant managers at a local fastfood restaurant, retail store, or in a local band nobody has ever heard of, and one percenter bankers, political elites, and celebrities. The most common two traits among American "anti-fascists" is their love for communist and otherwise left-wing totalitarian ideologies, and their hatred for non-whites who are ideologically right of them.

They can often be found assaulting attendees of free speech rallies in blue states, burning down college campuses (often colleges they do not attened) in blue states at the command of their Marxist professors (especially if their is a person speaking who doesn't conform to their ideology), and posting on social media sockpuppet accounts about the "lack of fascists" in red states full of Trump supporters, conservatives, non-party libertarians, Proud Boys, and other types they consider to be their enemy.
American Antifa:"H-hey there my A-African American c-comrade. F-fuck D-Drumpf, right?"

Black: "He's not that bad, actually Unemployment for black Americans is at the lowest point in years , and also..."

Antifa: "Uncle Tom house n*gger literally Hitler get ready to be doxxed and bashed ypu nazi reeeeeeeee!"
by PinochetHeloExtravaganza January 30, 2018
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