Synonym for Fuckhole in the Trek universe.
We're gonna make you eat our shit! Then we're gonna make you shit out our shit! Then we're gonna make you eat your shit, which is made up of our shit which we made you eat!

J.J. Abrams - Fuck this fucker up his mother fucking ass.
by Coffeman May 23, 2013
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noun, media
Term for an unimaginative, nihilistic director/producer who takes major film franchises from your childhood known for their wonder and for untouchable protagonists, and pumps them full of needlessly bleak, depressing, post modern themes in which no one is safe for his own entertainment. This holds especially true of a producer/director who kills off major, well loved characters for mere shock value.

synonyms: asshole, goth kid, moody teenager, modern artist
"Wow, that guy took it way too far with the Star Wars franchise. There's some things you just shouldn't do. What a J.J. Abrams. Oh, that's his name? What a coincidence."
by zagbison92 December 18, 2015
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1) To be an unoriginal, uninspired piece of shit and make a product that completely copies a classic property nearly plot point for plot point and be labeled its "saviour" after it's creator tried something different.

2) To think reversing Kirk and Spock makes good drama when remocking the 2nd Star Trek movie.
When do people hate Rian Johnson when J.J. Abrams fucked up Star Wars after fucking Star Trek?
by ArwingKnight March 13, 2018
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A complete wanker and a tool, director and producer of several television shows and movies, most notably Lost, Mission Impossible 3 all of which were badly done and overly complex to the point of stupidity- oh wait it was made by J.J Abrams!

Known most recently for singlehandedly and completely fucking up the entire Star Trek timeline and canon by destroying the planet Vulcan, trapping ambassador Spock in the wrong time and killing off most of the second major constituent of the Federation -the Vulcans. He also managed to make a Star Trek movie that was all pretty pictures and no thinking, or moral dilemma-which is what Star Trek is half about- THINKING!
1. Star Trek X1 directed by J.J. Abrams-meanwhile Gene Roddenbery is spinning at warp speed in his grave due to the complete mangling of Star Trek and all that it stood for.
by Midnight Apollo May 25, 2009
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