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For the Culture means doing something because of an additional perceived value of doing that thing. The value can be perceived by yourself, a group of people, or society as a whole. Doing it For the Culture is usually, but not always, something you wouldn't normally do but because the added value of doing it is high, you do it anyway. In order for something to be For the Culture, it can't violate bro code or girl code and it cannot be used as sole justification for getting with a beat chick/guy. If a beat chick/guy happens to be the child of your boss you hate then you can do it "For the Culture", but the additional perceived value has to outweigh how beat the person is.
Ex: Person A: I can't believe you hooked up with that 50 year old milf last night

Person B: I know haha, I did it "For the Culture"
by Maria5143 November 28, 2018
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Otherwise termed "Do It For the Culture", refers to when a person or a group of people do something that they usually wouldn't do just because the thing they're doing is hyped. Pretty much another way of saying that someones a follower. Essentially just something someone does to follow the trend and not necessarily something they would do if it wasn't popular.

Some things Millennials are doing for the culture in 2016 are: Pokemon Go, Selfies, Uber, Dating sites & apps such as Tinder/Grindr etc., Becoming Cam Girls, Making sextapes, Trying to be an "artiste", Cuckolding, Gangbangs, One night stands and "Hookup Culture" and the list goes on and on.
Example 1:
Xander: Man I remember when we used to play pokèmon back in 2000 and we would be called nerds or weirdos now all of a sudden in 2016 everyone's on its dick.

Myers: I know right they just do it for the culture.

Example 2:
Nicole: I hooked with this hot pretty boy on Tinder, man he had the fattest dick. I'm hooked.

Alicia: Haha that thick meat turned you into a certified girth queen
by DuanCulo aka Duante Amorculo August 15, 2016
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