No effort bitch(es). A woman, typically found on dating apps, that provide zero creativity and reciprocity in conversation. Often killing potential conversations by answering in one or two words.
1) Dude I think imma quit Tinder, tired of these NEBs.

2) Guy: How do you feel about Game Of Thrones?

Girl: decent
Guy: Frickin NEB. Deuces ✌️
by Shominy January 28, 2020
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>John: Shouldn't you ring Jane so she doesn't break up with you because she caught you sleeping with Tammy?
>Alex: No, I'm NEB, Jane's boring, Tammy's not.
by Pandaeyes1999 April 16, 2014
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this is an abreviation for NON ENERGETIC BODY. Jocks would call someone that is they are bad at sports.
EX: Look at Mike, he has'nt gotten the ball once!he's such a NEB
by Drew July 21, 2004
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The Internet Web thing as a whole. The contraction of these two words: Net and Web = N.E.B
"Say Coasty, what do yu think of that Obama ragia on the Neb?"
"He's the right man, no shit, Cain's got all my respect, he is a tough mofa but Obama is my man. Check the Neb to see a vd of him playin' basketball, he's got style, he's got style"
by Slangherinthenight August 18, 2008
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mediocre. middle of the road. uninspired or otherwise lacking in any outstanding quality.
"Oh man, I HATE eating at the mall. All the food there is totally neb neb."
by jackhonky January 19, 2010
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Being nosy, sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong.
I was nebbing in on the conversation and I foudn out some stuff I shouldn't have.
by Sue Steis January 20, 2006
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v., Pittsburghese slang. From a Scotch-Irish word for "nose".
To involve oneself in the business of others; to look through someone else's things.
I caught Jimmy nebbing through my drawers yesterday. I bet he was looking for money.
by c2check December 05, 2006
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