186 definitions by Drew

Oral stimulation of the anus.
I like anilingus.
by Drew June 01, 2003
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A strangely shaped tasty snack which is sometimes considered to be a drug
"Omg, once you pop you really cant fucking stop!"
by drew October 19, 2004
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to defecate
hey reggie, i'll be right back...gotta take the browns to the superbowl
by drew November 25, 2003
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A woman infatuated and entirely obsessed with the "dark meat."

A dirty, dirty slut.

Anything can be made into a joke about John's mom.
Person1: I like hot dogs.
Person2: In John's mom!

Person1: This sucks!
Person2: Like John's mom.
by Drew January 24, 2005
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Verb (v)

To completely destroy/enialate either by violence or sexual activity.

Last night Drew pretended to be an angry black woman and said
"bitch, im gonna blick yo vagina."

...and he did indeed blick her vagina.
by Drew June 19, 2006
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Calling out a stupid person by stating the obvious.
damn, scott - you're such an assfart!
by drew May 24, 2004
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the worlds best high speed chase solvers, they dont take no crap.
i was worried those pussy cops would never pull him over, then he got onto the military base, that ended it quick.
by drew April 24, 2005
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