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A phrase which you means you feel extremely intense hatred for something.
Person A: Do you want to play Superman 64 with me?

Person B: Absolutely not! Are you nuts? I hate it with a burning passion!
by Dray’s Dictionary June 23, 2021
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What to yell out when something you were hoping didn’t happen that you were expecting to happen did end up happening.
Me leaving my friend’s house: I feel like I forgot something.
Me: *Sees my phone is not in my bag*.
Me: I KNEW IT!!!
by Dray’s Dictionary February 22, 2021
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God’s poop.
Friend: Ew! There’s a huge pile of turds in my backyard! I don’t understand, I don’t have a dog.

Me: Oh, that’s holy crap!
by Dray’s Dictionary March 13, 2021
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A level above big mad. If someone is huge mad that means you’re in deep deep deep trouble and they’re going to beat yo butt.
Person 1: How dare you destroy my car into pieces!
Person 2: Are you big mad?
Person 1: Big mad? No, I’m HUGE MAD!
by Dray’s Dictionary September 01, 2021
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An element that makes people act like jerks.
Plankton our fed everyone in Bikini Bottom fruitcake with jerktonium to make everyone a jerk. Spongebob was however immune to it.
by Dray’s Dictionary June 25, 2021
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Billie Joe Armstrong: I’m the son of rage band love. The Jesus of Suburbia. The bible of none of the above on a steady diet of Soda Pop and Ritalin. No one ever died for my sins in hell as far as I can tell. At least the ones that I got away with.
by Dray’s Dictionary September 24, 2020
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An abbreviation for “Double Gutter Ball”. Only used in bowling.
I started the first frame of my bowling game with a DGB and I could already tell it was going to be a stinky game.
by Dray’s Dictionary April 24, 2021
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