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The word to use when you are tired of sayingcoronavirus”.
Please stay in your house cuz you don’t want COVID-19.
by Dray’s Dictionary March 30, 2020
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Most of 2010s rap is just stupid garabage noise! 90% of it is just someone talking or screaming about drugs, money, or sex and use brutal auto tune. It also uses about 19 million cuss words per song. Tasteless teenagers consider that music. Well no, it’s just pathetic sound for 2010s kids who have no clue what actual music is. One of the few exceptions is NF. He’s an actually decent 2010s rapper. But a majority of it is still just talentless garbage. This genre also has the worst rapper ever, 6ix9ine.
Tasteless teenager: 2010s rap is the best type of music ever! I love all 2010s rappers!
Me: Enjoy listening to your crappy music, while I listen to real music!
by Dray’s Dictionary December 31, 2019
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The actual and correct answer to 2 + 2.
Jeffy: The mommy 2 and daddy 2 love each other very much make baby 2.
by Dray’s Dictionary November 27, 2020
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A thing that people on Youtubers have no idea how to do because they are huge crybabies who can’t understand that not everyone has to have the same opinion and swear at you and give you death threats all because you have different opinions than them.
Hypersensitive Person: “Respecting opinions? I have no idea how to do that because I am a crybaby who bullies others for having different tastes than me!”
by Dray’s Dictionary November 03, 2019
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A type of bus with annoying and obnoxious monsters in the back.
I Survived: The Back of a School Bus Ride
by Dray’s Dictionary February 01, 2021
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Someone who has a crush on themselves and wants to date themself.
Steve: Do you like anyone?
Bob: Yes, I do! In fact, I’m dating them.
Steve: Really? Who is it?
Bob: It’s me!
Steve: Ew, that’s gross. Get away from me suiphile!
by Dray’s Dictionary July 07, 2020
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