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A sexual Act involving penetration of a Women's ass with a cowboy boot whilst assuring her that you are wearing protection, you splooge on the Vagina, tits, and face, afterwords, exploding inside of her.
I gave M. LIB the old Chuck Norris last night because she refused to make me food.

Alt. Ex. Roofus gave Kiyesha the Chuck Norris after she tried to talk back to him, thus making her ass two times too big.
by Dr. Cornwalice April 19, 2008

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Adj. The force exerted upon farting

Alt. Definition

N. The secret organization created by the justice league after drinking too much.
BILL, HOLY SHIT your fart just measured a 9.5 on the fart scale

Bill: Yeah, that's some fart force my ass has got huh?
by Dr. Cornwalice February 21, 2008

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A wheel chair or a device designed specifically for handicapped people
I saw Johnny after that UPS truck hit him, they have him in a tard bucket now, all he seems to do is drool on himself, can't walk, can't even talk.
by Dr. Cornwalice April 14, 2008

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V. To whistle with your anus
Brent: I've heard you can do things with your ass, crazy things.
John: Yeah back in my tijuana days we all did crazy things with our asses, I remember this old mexican guy who lived in the desert, he showed me how to whistle with my ass by closing my ass lips tightly and blowing a fart out forcibly.
Brent: So could we learn how to do this?
John: Yeah, bend over,we need to carry on the tradition right?
Brent: What did they call it?
John:... an Anuistle
by Dr. Cornwalice February 21, 2008

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N. A person who metaphorically / physically licks the asses of others for personal gain, without regard to others.

Alt. Def. Someone who enjoys nibbling nipples
Brent, turn your fucking collar down or get that fucking polo off, and get back to work, you goddamn little jobelicker you!

Brent: Hey it wasn't I who fed the Mexicans bad tacos, you fucking hypocrite!

You mother fucking liar, little motherfucking jobelicker you, U say anything and I'll stick that Porsche of daddy's, up jur little ass!!!!
by Dr. Cornwalice February 25, 2008

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Expression used to describe someone being an asshole
John: You see jerry at the party last night?
Billy: Yeah, after a few beers he was in a total state of California, you known he and Cindy wouldn't stop arguing, eventually he beat her up.
John: Shit!
by Dr. Cornwalice April 15, 2008

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Refrence to an explicit sex act which involves a man deficating on a women's chest, cutting the feces open, jizzing inside of a single turd and then watching the women eat the entire thing.
Jesus, you guys weren't kidding about the prostitute you bought me last night, she was a real nasty one, she was into catholiz priezts, jurblonskiis, and chocolate eclairs! What a fucking dirty whore!
by Dr. Cornwalice April 14, 2008

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