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A game created by Dan Samuel. Some people may enjoy it, but compared to other games such as Doom or Diablo it seems mediocre, graphic-wise anyways. Sometime the word snert was contributed to the mythology by LGH.
I want to play Well of Souls.
by TSS April 08, 2004
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A MIX (multiplayer) compatible game engine for Windows operating systems, coded in C and C variants by Dan Samuel and found at Its primary feature is its customization ability; players can actually create their own games to play on the Well of Souls engine. These are known as 'worlds'.

However, most will find that, although at first the ability to build your own game is nice, the limitations of the engine make it useless for any attempt at a serious game. The incessant clicking required in order to accomplish the universal goal of attaining level 100 is, at best, utterly boring. Coupled with an unstable 'hack detection' code that locks players out of the game for running, among other things, simple WinAMP plugins, the game quickly becomes unsatisfying and dull. Add to that the fact that you must donate $20 USD in order to unlock the only truly useful features in the game, and you have something which goes beyond 'worthless'.
"I named my WoS shortcut 'Well of Shit'."
by Avelon August 11, 2005
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The Well of Souls is a natural cave located immediately beneath the Foundation Stone, under the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Jewish tradition refers to this well as the center of the earth, the navel of creation (earth and humanity). Jewish Talmud prophecies an explosion of child births before the Messiah; and then a sudden stop of child birth worldwide (treasure house will be finished, emptied of souls).

Also known as: (synonyms)
1. Fountain of souls
2. Treasure of souls
3. Gulf of souls
4. The Guff (literally defined as "body")
5. Hall of souls
6. Repository of all unborn souls
7. Treasure house

Reference: Wikipedia Well of Souls
Messiah will not come (or return) until the Well of Souls has been emptied of its souls (when his table becomes full).
by peplac February 06, 2012
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