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"Skidding" refers to the method of moving logs/timbers by dragging them along the ground. Before the age of trucks and the internal combustion engine Skidding was done by teams of horses/mules/oxen driven by burly men of a rather low station in life. A skid road led from the outlying area where timber cutting was done to the sawmill usually near a city or source of power such as a millrace. "skid row" referred to the row of low cost wooden shanties which sprang up along the skid road. Persons living in these shanties were associated with or subservient to the skidders, timber cutters etc and usually represented the lowest station in the social life of a town or village. Skid row was often populated with prostitutes, homeless, paupers, transients etc.
After being foreclosed on by the bank, the widow Jenkins and her children had go live on skid row and take her chances.
by Dougie D July 23, 2006
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In the 1840s telegraph communications via Morse code became a reality on th east coast of the United States. Telegraphers strove to use shortcuts in messages which would clarify the messages and complete them more quickly. To this day a letter k _._ or "dah dit dah" in morse code is transmitted at the end of each completed message, which is a question asking "have you got that ok?". The receiver then transmits an r ._. or "dit dah dit" in response which means, message received ok. The telegraphers paraphrased the k and r to "ok" and "roger" which both remain in the common parlance today. Although other more esoteric origins of "ok" exist, they were not in the common parlance at the time that telegraphers, train conductors and engineers popularized their use in the 1840s. The term spread to England and Continental Europe (even non-english speaking countries)as telegraphy spread to them.

The principal of establishing a "handshake" in communication in this way (utilizing complimentary status bits regarding segments of messages)is used to this day in advanced digital communication devices.
Please go to the store and buy a gallon of milk, OK?
OK, I will do that.
by Dougie D July 23, 2006
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A swag mattress inside a 2 man tent, also known as the jumping castle
I'm going camping, can I borrow your swant
by Dougie D June 30, 2017
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That which follows logically, typically in the vernacular of routed IP traffic. Arose from the writings of technical manual authors when referring to traffic passing through a router past a certain control point. May be capitalized or lower case.
After making the new cache settings, port 80 will read "xxxx" "BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH..,"
by Dougie D July 22, 2006
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