When you take a peice of crap and stick it in someones vigina "lie a log goin into a saw mill"
dude i jus gave her the wetest saw mill.
by Steven Salazar 3rd February 04, 2005
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A semi-wet, semi-solid fart that leaves a very moist skid mark in one's panties or underwear.
Eating that greasy breakfast this morning after so much drinking last night was a big mistake. Just let loose with a little sawmill gravy.
by Eaton Holgoode March 01, 2017
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A word designed to confuse simple minded people like John and Tyler.
John and Tyler couldn’t figure out what an Alaskan Sawmill is so they gave up and made an Eiffel Tower with each other.
by Alaskan Lumberjack October 25, 2018
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the best restaurant in oxford, pa.
person one: where do you wanna go for dinner?
person two: let’s go to sawmill grill i heard it’s really good
person one: okay
by coolest kid in oxford May 29, 2020
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The Silky Sawmill occurs when a female and a male partner are about to engage in a lil doggy style poundin’. While he’s got ‘err bent over (still with her thong on) last nights Taco Bell makes her gut rumble, which then let’s her bowel cut loose. As she defecates, to his dismay, her thong “saws” the meaty deuce in two like a good ol’ fashion sawmill. A real logger will push past this occurrence and finish the task at hand. He is then known as an “The Ax-man” 💩
Last night was unforgettable. I took Brenda-Lynn to Taco-Bell and after, things got a bit heated. I had ‘err all proped up doggy and she gave me the ol’ Silky Sawmill before I pulled ‘err thong to the side and beat those chocolate cheeks.
by Meaty sword-us-Rex November 27, 2020
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An advanced sexual maneuver. First, make a girl run on a treadmill till she has to take a shit. Then fuck her in the ass and till your dick is covered in shit. Then have her squeeze her legs together. Fuck her squeezed together sweaty legs till you get to the arches of her feet. Fuck the arches of her feet till you skeet.
Merry Christmas dear, its a new treadmill, now we can do the Rusty Sawmill without you having to do so many squat-thrusts.
by JSPRAYYYYY January 12, 2011
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