In terms of video games, to telegraph is to give advance notice of. A good example is Punch Out. Most fighters do a small animation that shows they are about to attack.
Piston Honda telegraphs his punches by wiggling his eye brows.
by Rok Bloom April 2, 2006
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to signal one's actions or intentions, especially unintentionally
This is one guy who never telegraphs his moves.
by The Return of Light Joker December 6, 2011
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A feeling of immense pleasure with a girl with indirect contact
OOh......we telegraphed on the phone yesterday..........felt sooo great!
by Piranha October 26, 2004
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To flail about in a strange way as an excuse to make sexual contact with someone near you.
She had to leave because Tony kept telegraphing her.

That guy is a total telegraphist!
by Regular Pauly D March 11, 2011
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To convey an intentional, conscious or unconscious message, usually through facial expressions or body language, but can also include written or verbal comments.

Can also be refered to and used as "Telegraph" or "Telegraphed."
During a recent conversation Joanna made a comment of how much she enjoyed the company of men. Her boyfriend Harvey interpreted that to mean she either was already seeing other men, or was telegraphing her intentions.
by Who 'Dis? Who 'Dat? September 10, 2019
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A news company, for retards, by retards.
-You read the Telegraph?
-No, I heard they wanted to censor slang
by Bhb October 26, 2019
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Verb to describe having ones expenses or financial status 'reviewed'. Taken after the The Daily Telegraph newspaper that published leaked papers showing how certain British MPs have claimed expenses inappropriately.
Allen: Jesus Bateman, there's not a chance you'll get your $5000 claim for watermarked business cards paid.
Bateman: I claimed over $45,000 in expenses last year and didn't get Telegraphed once. Fuck 'em.
by BrianTrousers May 19, 2009
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