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When your friend Mike pisses in the kitchen sink that is still full of dishes.
I walked out of my room and Mike was sinkling while eating cashews.
by Douche June 15, 2003
Uber Sexy Nissan, if you own an '02 or '03. (joking, all you 2004 owners)

Little, but growing aftermarket...sweet handling...6 speed.
0h m4h G4WD!!! 't1z 4 5p3( \/!!11!1oneoneone!1!
by Douche September 24, 2004
the hairy region above the vagina
Mrs Hughe's bush makes me want to puke when it stick our her pants.
by Douche December 6, 2003
The ultra-hot pep boy's decals you can slap on your ford escort next to your GT-R badge and smoke anything that pulls up beside you....

oh yeah, honda's racing integras and civics known for the red badges and championship white paint. Not to be confused with the vocabulary and regular usage or ric3rs.
1.) I saw a nice looking all-motor Integra Type-R the other day...the owner was really nice and had a great appreciation for the heritage.

2.) oh mah gawd y0!! I bought 'dis tizzype-arrgh decal for my do0rz! Maybe I'll put it 0n crookid and it wilL l0ok M4d tyt3 y0!!
by Douche September 25, 2004
a place frequented by male patrons intent upon picking up any form of ass, often characterized by a sapped pussy market and local-yokel nut hustlers
Player A:Wild Bills tonight?
Player B:Naw I stopped goin there after Als Anal Emporium opened up downtown.
by Douche March 21, 2004
see nerd
can be furthered by adding the preffix "Thick"
Wow, What a hoive.
Wow, look at that thick hoive
by Douche October 11, 2004
A male who has a tendency of having female emotions and/or praises going off on a female. Also chooses these hoes over his day ones. Tends to stunt as if he were not a virgin but when he has sex with a thot gets attached
by Douche June 5, 2015