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Has 32k followers and is very irrelevant. Best friend is a bitch (Nikki)... her friend Nikki has no followers
Hey are you Sierra Crider?
by Donttouchmyarm October 28, 2019
O’Connor is the word you would use to describe your best guy friend and the only person you can trust.
Dude I need an OConnor in my life!
by Donttouchmyarm March 3, 2019
That one girl that just goes to the bathroom all class to juul.
Pahina- you got a juul?
S- for the last time no I don’t.
Pahina- well do you have an iPhone charger so i cAn charge my juul then?
S- yea why
Pahina- can I have it?
Pahina- chops the iPhone charger so she can charge her juul.
by Donttouchmyarm March 28, 2019
Zingeef is a word of praise named to either a car or any 4 wheel object.
yo wanna come meet my zingeef
by Donttouchmyarm June 6, 2020
The best guy friend you could ever have! He’s a weirdo and talk almost as much as you. He steals your lunch or at least tries too. He helps you when you are in need of help. He will stand by your side no matter what. And he will always be there for you, no matter what.
Tlove: “hey can I have your lunch?”
Sci: “No sis! But you can have a piece of gum.”
Tlove: “Thanks!” Walks away and doesn’t talk to you the rest of lunch.
by Donttouchmyarm March 4, 2019
A girl who is your best friend. Who is most times a piece of shit. But she still loves you anyways.
Nikssa: love you bitch!
Sierra: love you too.
by Donttouchmyarm March 5, 2019
Addicted to Weed and Nicotine. Looks like the prettier version of her cousin. Has a better boyfriend than Alisha. Also known as Hoe-livia. Loves sending feet pics to other men. Cough cough Christian and Brian.
Hey your Olivia Walker right?


Can I buy them feet pics?
by Donttouchmyarm October 18, 2019