8 definitions by Donald Duck

1)According to Tony Montana, it's white powder that pollutes your womb, so that you can't even have a leetle baby.
2)Cocaine powder.
"Wow, that's a big pile of llello I just put my nose in."
by Donald Duck May 2, 2003
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1)The French word for shower.
2)The English word for what you do to horribly dirty pussies.
"Je prendrai une douche." or "Cletus, after yo' sister squeezes out that young'n, go'n git her a douche from the Uni-Mart."
by Donald Duck May 2, 2003
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The act of flushing 87 billion dollars down the toilet.
The Bush administration in "slogging" our economy.
by Donald Duck October 23, 2003
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Love is just unexplainable to someone else, but you know what it is. Love is the force that we thrive from. Many people deny love, they deny feelings. I know that they do, I have and currently am experiencing it. You know when you are in love.
Common symptoms of Love.

1) Complete caring for another.

2) Being protective, but allowing a free choice.

3) Thinking of them non-stop.

4)Thinking of what you will do the next time you see them, whether it is kissing them, hugging them, but most of all, just smiling.
by Donald Duck March 29, 2006
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A large man commonly associated with computers and school computer labs.
If you see Periwinkle in the playground the computer lab must be closed.
by Donald Duck September 15, 2003
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1. Bart Simpson's way of describing his dad.
2. A big, dumb, balding North American ape with no chin (that has a short temper).
by Donald Duck August 4, 2003
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A british female that is sharp and witty with an unusual humor that only few understand.
That one girl, she's so smart and different. She's a fagti.
by Donald Duck April 17, 2006
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