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Sex with a fat chick. When you take the hot girl's friend home.
slogging is a way of life.
by smartey June 19, 2005
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intransitive verb. To go out with preset expectations to find the most raunchy, slimy, disgusting, slow, slutty, and hogish girl (most similar to a slog). This typically is an undertakening performed by less than attractive men who make it a frequent hobby.

As well, slogging may be used to refer to the undertaking actions of a wingman or taking one for the team. Typically, you are taking a slog home so that your friend has some chance at real hot pussy.

However, this may not always be the case, as some friends like to compete for the greatest slog, or live in an area in which the male to female ratio is horrible, making the only girls available more like beasts.

Since slogs sound like slugs, and slugs are watery animals, it has mainly been adapted to a style simliar to fishing. The term: Gone Sloggin' for example might be found in an away message of a guy going out to get smashed and get some ugly.
Me and my old roommate used to be real good slogging partners. We both treated it like fishing, but there was one key difference, he was really trying to catch something. I knew fishing the waters of the local bars was pretty bad, only catfish and sea walruses out there, but my roommate used to just take whatever was the catch of the day and bring it home to show off.
by ToastedZergling December 05, 2006
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When a male or a female pursues someone of the opposite sex relentlessly, to a radical extent to establish some sort of intimate relationship though it has been made plainly clear that the relationship is to go nowhere except friends at most. Best associated with crazed ex's who haven't gotten over their ex.

Slogging- Describes action.
Slogger- Describes a person.
Example 1:
Bro 1: So bro, I'm gonna ask Jessica to a nice dinner this time, what do you think?

Bro 2: I think you should stop being such a bloody slogger.

Example 2:
We broke up over a month ago and Mary is STILL slogging me! I cant take it anymore bruh!
by Fidoraguylol November 08, 2009
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When a person jogs at such a slow pace it could be mistaken for walking.
Person 1: Did you pass Jannis on the sidewalk?
Person 2: Yup, didnt you hear; she is the town slogger. Slogging is what she is known for.
by TKinfinity July 14, 2019
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Slower windsurfing, sailboarding, or board-sailing with longer boards in a displacement or buoyancy mode and modest winds, as opposed to faster--planing or hydrodynamic lift--mode, with shorter boards at greater wind speed.
Planing is faster and gives more maneuverability, but requires a different technique from the displacement mode (which is also referred to as slogging or schlogging).

Found in wikipedia, under surfing.
by realdor May 18, 2011
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Sloppy snogging. Either while one or both people involved are drunk or just REALLY BAD at kissing and won't let go of your face with their face.
Girl1: Eh, he was so bad at kissing! I hate slogging.
Girl2: Hun, that's what happens after you give a lightweight too much gin.
Girl1: But he was cute!
Girl2: Well that's your mistake.
by Teh Nibblorz April 25, 2009
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The process of bending over and drinking directly out of the sink faucet.
Getting thirsty enough that you are yelled at by someone in the shower for slogging all the hot water.
by Ben Goldenberg October 03, 2007
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