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Normally abbreviated to PCC. This is a community college that is located in Pasadena, which is located in Southern California if you're wondering. Some people consider this to be the best ocmmunity college in California but they are mostly wanking and fanboying the quality of the school. The school is old and each classroom can only contain 30 people at most. They also allow anyone to enter into the school and this includes nutcases since Pasadena has quite a few crazy people in its vicinity.

Some of the people that this school allows includes people that believes in alien conspiracy theories (ie reptilians), members that supposedly support or are members of groups such as Scientology, people that thinks that mythology and religious texts (such as The Bible) aren't in the public domain and is owned by a company, a person or something, rednecks and even the infamous Fred Phelps was an alumni of this school. Yes, this school is nuts.
Pasadena City College is considered by its fantards to be a good school but in reality, it contains some of the most idiotic people on the face of the planet. There are crazy people there that thinks that we should sue John Milton for reinterpreting religious characters in "Paradise Lost" because they think that the characters aren't public domain (they are public domain you imbeciles), people that think that aliens are among us and most importantly, Fred Phelps.
by Digital Preacher December 25, 2014
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A system that contains people that controls a state, a city or a country. However, governments can easily become corrupt since most of the people in office are control freaks and work long and hard to take away the rights and freedoms of the people that they supposedly serve. They normally give out the excuse that they are protecting the public when in reality they are all psychopaths, liars and control freaks. They take away freedoms on a yearly and sometimes monthly basis when they could be doing things such as solving problems such as murders, kidnappings, and homelessness.

Ironically, humans are not the only ones with governments, animals also have governments as well and the animals run their governments a lot more efficiently than any human can run theirs. For example, ants make sure that every member of their colony is fed and this includes their larvae or babies. Wasps do the same and bees also. This means that despite humans claiming that they're the smartest animals around, they are so idiotic that they are unable to run a system correctly.
A government is a pile of crap system that controls a country and the people are paranoid, power hungry control freaks that love taking away the rights of the citizens.
by Digital Preacher December 27, 2014
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A better, superior alternative to ratemyprofessors. Like ratemyprofessors.com, you can evaluate and rate the performance and quality of different colleges, universities and teachers. Unlike ratemyprofessors.com, you don't have that 350 character limit and you can write essays and go into immense detail about the school, university or teacher. Also, studentsreview allows students to write "uncensored" reviews about the schools which allows you to truly catch a glimpse of what the school is like and the experiences of the reviewer. Ratemyprofessors tends to either censor or remove reviews that truly expresses the reviewer's experiences in the school.

The website address is www.studentsreview.com
Hey, did you read that harsh review on studentsreview?

Yeah, that guy was truly critical of that teacher.
by Digital Preacher January 3, 2015
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One of the major parts of the United States federal government that contains 2 parts: the House and the Senate. Also, members are usually designated to the Republicans, the Democrats or to an independent party. They are pretty powerful since one of their major functions is passing or repealing laws that can effect the entire country. These people work long and hard to try to take away your freedoms every single day by passing more and more laws and bills that are completely useless and unnecessary. These people also tend to act like idiotic butthurt teenagers with too much power in their hands.

These politicians are so butthurt that they will shutdown the government if no one agrees with their views. Logic and reasoning, as well as actual facts and data won't get through to them. One such case is Nancy Pelosi who stated that every month 500,000,000 Americans lose their jobs. The major flaw with her statement is that in 2009 (the year that she stated that), there were only 316 million people in the United States and yes, she said millions. This is one of the examples of the failures of Congress.
Congress consists of 2 parts: The House and the Senate and this branch of government is filled with nothing but butthurt children with too much power and are idiotic to boot. This, of course, is a pretty terrible combination for the country.
by Digital Preacher January 9, 2015
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A place where one supposedly furthers his educational prowess after High School and at the end can receive either an AA degree or transfer to a 4-year university. These places can be nice but the majority of them are pretty terrible. They allow virtually anyone into the schools, even if the people are members of the Westboro Baptist Church, the Ku Klux Klan, members of cults such as Scientology, or uneducated, uncultured rednecks. They seriously can't turn anyone down since most of these places are located in politically correct places that's filled to the core with morons.
A community college is a place where the majority of lazy people, insane people and stupid people can be found mostly congregating and these places allow anyone into admission. Being in these places can cause your IQ to drop.
by Digital Preacher December 30, 2015
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One of the states in the United States, it's also the 3rd largest in terms of area and is the 1st in terms of population. It's also one of the dumbest states in America since it creates and passes some of the most useless, illogical and money-wasting laws and regulations and the people are stupid.

For example, some of the areas in California are trying to pass laws that forces porn stars to wear condoms. The voters are some of the dumbest in America since they are the ones who support these dumb laws via petitions or voting them in. Californians also love free stuff but they hate paying for them. This leads me to another point, the people are idiotic.

The natives of California are some of the most politically correct, culturally relativist dumbasses in the entire world. They claim that they are "open-minded" in order to make themselves feel better about themselves and they think that everyone's opinions are valid, but they contradict themselves since they don't think that the opinions of racists, neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, etc. are valid.

They also suck at debating since they insist on using statements such as "it's their culture" when discussing another culture. Hey morons, some cultures practice things such as infanticide, racism, sexism, and sometimes, slavery and even cannibalism. Hell, a few cultures still executes people on charges of witchcraft. This is pretty atrocious stuff but I wouldn't be surprised if they accept this crap.
California is one of the biggest IQ-lowering states out there due to the idiotic people. The taxes don't help either and neither do the insane people. They pass dumb laws and regulations all the time thanks to the "below-average-IQ" population.
They also are so relativist that it makes it infuriating when debating them since it goes nowhere.

They are so obsessed with their "open-minded", non-racist" image that it infuriates everyone. Bringing up negative aspects of various cultures always stumps them since supporting these practices by saying things such as "it's their culture" makes them look like monsters and if they don't support them, they contradict themselves.
by Digital Preacher January 26, 2015
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A city that is located in the Los Angeles County part of southern California and is also one of the worst places to inhabit. There are a lot of crazy people in the city and most of the people are either very culturally relativist or politically correct or are rednecks that don't normally use logic.

The politically correct ones will keep spouting bullshit such as how all views are equal and how "it's their culture" or "it depends on the individual" which is stupifying at best. They usually will accept every messed up thing about a different culture even if the culture does things such as infanticide or promotes racism.

The rednecks here are stupid as hell considering how they don't know what the public domain is and how they think that John Milton should be sued for using religious characters in his stories.
Pasadena is a city in southern California that is filled with nothing but either politically correct morons that are lacking in IQ and logic or dumb rednecks with no brain.
by Digital Preacher January 23, 2015
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