1. Un-edited, unclean, and obscene
I watched the uncensored version of The Osbournes and I could understand it much better because there weren't all those "BEEPS" interrupting the dialogue.
by the sane maniac February 6, 2004
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Norwegian audio maker who gets mad at everything, very chill guy and can definitely take jokes, listens to old rap and would love to get the words "WEST SIDE" tattoed on his penis.
Newgen: Name a norwegian audio maker!

by not_tripple November 10, 2021
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(Verb) To revert something that was censored or edited for undesirable content. To make uncensored. To unban, unedit.
We demand that the editor uncensor the article's deleted comments.
by Zenzor October 13, 2015
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The DVDs of Family Guy are COMPLETELY UNCENSORED!!! (Unlike the TV Version)
by Hamtaro November 30, 2018
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A person who doesn't follow societies rules and does his/her own thing. A dreamer who doesn't settle for anything less then successes & does not sleep on what they want to do in there life. A person who lives life through there own eyes and not worry about what anyone thinks about them. A person who doesn't censor there dreams & keeps there Vision in life Uncensensored.

Word Created by Grafikz
"Grafikz is an Uncensored Visionary in life & through his music".
by Uncensored Visionary May 5, 2014
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1) An individual, group, community, or society who is uncensored on a social level

2) Someone who believes everyone has a God given right to voice their thoughts, opinions, and ideas without censorship. And that no one has the right to socially or legally deny anyone their God given right to voice themselves.

3) An individual, group, community, or society which does not believe or accept society imposing moral or ethics upon any individual.
1) Alice is socially uncensored

2) Jane has a socially uncensored view-point toward life

3) I liked living in Sweden it was so socially uncensored
by ABH1981 January 22, 2013
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