the most delicious form of beef, that is on par, and in some cases transcends bacon
ben: i really like bacon
Joe: but corned beef is what jesus ate at the last supper
Ben: oh snap, i've seen the light
by sweetpictureofpetey March 23, 2010
A floppy vagina that is very saggy, and tastes like rotten corn.
why the fuck would you eat corned beef?
by wiscon-sin January 13, 2007
crap from which you ate corn some time ago
1'000000 more pounds of corned beef to go
by Butler-Bot June 12, 2003
nasty 'meat' eaten by old people, allegedly made out of Argintinian horses
by jj April 23, 2003
roast beef (see "roast beef") which has abstained from having sex in a while
wow that old whore, mannn, her corned beef is disgusting!
by pooman von higgamshtein III February 23, 2004
To steal, snatch, pillage, or take without permission.
Person 1: "Have you seen my pen?"
Person 2: "I'm pretty sure that guy corn beefed it"
Person 1: "You can't trust anyone"

Person 1: "I'm bout to corn beef the answer sheet"
Person 2: "Dude, don't do it. You'll get caught"
by Debbie Fitz CS November 20, 2013
When a cock is covered in shit with chunks of corn in it after anal sex.
Damn, after I pulled out of her ass, my dick was corned beef"
by ratian March 17, 2014