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Margeurite is the coolest person ever who goes to Pingry and likes llamas. She also enjoys rock music and long walks on the beach.
Hey it's Margeurite! Lets have a fiesta!
by Devon February 15, 2005
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The Pickle Weasle is known for it's scarce sightings and pickle smelling hair. The Pickle Weasle is a master of disguise and can fit in the smallest crack if it wanted to. The Pickle Weasle can shed it's fur at any time and grow a new coat in 2-3 hours. The Pickle Weasle was discovered in a vacant field in South America robbing a mouse den of it's babies and raping the mother mouse. There are only around 300 Pickle Weasles left in the wild. The rest of them are in captivity.
"I remember once when I was taking a trip to South America and I saw a Pickle Weasle ravaging a pickle infested barrel."
by Devon December 18, 2004
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A place where they give free bag pipe lessons.
Hey lad, I'm goin to Pingry now, they give me free bag pipe lessons.
by Devon February 16, 2005
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Down to earth, sweet, caring person. Montoya's are truly beautiful in and out. Montoya's will do anything for the people they love.
John: Have you meet Rachel?
Amy: Yes, she's such a Montoya!
by Devon December 07, 2014
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extreme knowledge of wepons (especialy sniper wepons) and how they work
john is really skilled in the field of nomenclature
by Devon April 24, 2003
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the most normal and prettiest...is the coolest one in the group...
c'mon faith...your the normalist one there...gosh...
by Devon November 01, 2004
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Name: Albedo Piasora
Age: 26
Born: T.C. 4741
Height: 190cm
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Violet

In his past time he molests Kirschwassers (little girls) and then mutilates them and finally tosses them aside, that's why their corpses align his floor. He also has the audacity to pull his own arm off, following the breaking of his neck and the dismemberment of his head. He’s way cooler than Sephiroth could have ever been.
Albedo: Ah, ma peche...
by Devon March 21, 2004
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