A genre of music using no instruments besides vocals.
Examples of groups are Rockapella, Three Men and a Tenor, and Ascending A Cappella.
by Kevin December 6, 2003
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There was no place to get a condom, so we did it a cappella.

by shady ruflo March 9, 2006
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The act of singing with only the use of little precusion or no. And minimal usage of any other instrument,and having your voice sound amazing.
Man dat guy is just Cappella. He's dat good.
by ZXC75 January 10, 2010
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"A capella" definition is wrong. Not usually used by rappers, but rather by people that actually...sing (and sing well) without instrumental accompaniment. Please see


...for more enlightenment on what a cappella is.
"Hey guys, let's sing real a cappella, with no instrumental accompaniment. And better yet, let's actually sing and use musical notes in our music and not chant simple rhymes and curse words in a monotone like the music artist b rabbit does in 8 Mile!"

"Sounds great! Wait, b rabbit is a music artist? Since when?"
by Tie Guy February 5, 2009
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A cappella (italian): like the chapel.

voice music without instrumental accompaniment.
"The band died when they cut the power but Sid just sang a cappella like he never heard them anyway."
by yogipete July 29, 2008
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Music done by college students involving only voices and no instruments. Usually sounds stupid and worse than the original hits because the performers are drunk and care more about getting laid. There are some good groups, but mostly just a soloist sucking and the rest of the group going "doo-doo."
Kayne West: Yo Off the Beat, I'm really happy for you guys, and I'm gonna let you finish, but the original artists had better versions of the songs you covered.

Ivygate blog: Worst College A Cappella group is Chord on Blues

Oscar Wilde: Collegiate A Cappella? Sounds like getting dildo up my ass.
by MusicLover4life December 14, 2009
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A combination of gospel, hip-hop, funk and rap generes, produced with only the human voice and no instrumental accompaniment.
The vocal band, Three 5 and 6 were the originators of the urban a cappella sound.
by Dr. Dre January 9, 2004
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