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A white person who takes advantage of a minority. A thief. Often representing "The Man". An oppressor. This does not apply to the average person of caucasian descent.
by Pissed Off Native American September 17, 2005
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Also called Gundam, is a series of demonic mobile suits used by the Earth Federation to oppress innocent spacenoids and orphanize their children. It is recognizable by it's white color, faceplate, red shin, V fin and most importantly the evil it causes in its wake.
Some of the pilots who used those evil machines include: Amuro Ray(the original white devil himself), Kamille Bidan (yes the girl) , Kou Uraki, Anavel Gato (the only good Gundam pilot).
"It's the white devil"
-some poor spacenoid
by Shin Mazin Hyperion June 12, 2017
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