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A white person who takes advantage of a minority. A thief. Often representing "The Man". An oppressor. This does not apply to the average person of caucasian descent.
by Pissed Off Native American September 17, 2005
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A term; often derogatory but not always, that is used to refer to people of Caucasian descent, especially within the context of the historical events in which they played villains e.g. Colonialism, Slavery, apartheid, Jewish holocaust, genocide of Native Americans, subjugation of Aboriginals, racism, racism, racism etc.
First, the white devils send the Christian missionaries to convert the natives, then germs like smallpox to kill or reduce the population, and finally they come in droves to take the land and other resources!
by HakunaMatataKing December 29, 2018
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A person of Caucasian descent who according to many of the other races but especially the Asian race in particular, is the embodiment of the supreme spirit of evil, Satan.

More specifically, a white boy.
Raymond: "White Devil White Devil stay the fuck away from me!" *creates a cross with two fingers*
by lilrayk47 October 21, 2018
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White devil is a term used to describe a white person that doesn’t normally act like a stereotypical white guy, a “white devil” is a criminal that does a lot of bad shit, white devils are the type of people that dont give a fuck about other people or their opinion, only their close homies
Yo some fucking white devil jacked my car the other day, we caught his white ass on the security cameras
by HamSterr - KHS October 10, 2018
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Also called Gundam, is a series of demonic mobile suits used by the Earth Federation to oppress innocent spacenoids and orphanize their children. It is recognizable by it's white color, faceplate, red shin, V fin and most importantly the evil it causes in its wake.
Some of the pilots who used those evil machines include: Amuro Ray(the original white devil himself), Kamille Bidan (yes the girl) , Kou Uraki, Anavel Gato (the only good Gundam pilot).
"It's the white devil"
-some poor spacenoid
by Shin Mazin Hyperion June 12, 2017
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