21 definition by Demon Phoenix 1337

The true epitome of fucking awesome.

Disco taken to a whole new level, Static-X's music is best listened to at 200 decibels.
Static-X... Keep Disco Evil!
by Demon Phoenix 1337 September 24, 2004

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The hero of a comic in which a frog with a humble job as a shit scooper at a local vet's, comes in contact with radioactive feces and gets gangrene on his dick. He also gets superpowers such as the ability to mold said phallus into anything from a blunt death club to a functional LAAG antiaircraft gun, just liek the one in Halo, complete with seminal ammunition. But he only has three days with which to use his distorted tool to save the entire world from a messy death by the Concordia people.
Gangrenous Frogpenis is my hero! I want to be just like him!
by Demon Phoenix 1337 October 15, 2004

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If you want to get technical, a redneck is someone who does a lot of hard labor out in the sun and therefore their neck turns red from sunburn. And for all the shit these people take, without 'em there wouldn't be a whole lot of food in this nation.

Generally, rednecks are white people possessed of traditional values, although some are rowdier. They work hard, love their families, and raise quality young men who have moral standing. While not all attend college, rednecks tend to have a strong advantage when it comes to common sense, and the ones that do go to college are some of the best people we have in the United States ( See George W. Bush ).
For all you assholes who stereotype them, the next time you see a redneck boy chopping wood at noon remember he's probably been up since four and done twice the work in an hour as you've done in a week. And then remember that he'll someday have a loving wife and kids who'll be with him all his life, while you stew in the bile of a divorce over your homosexual affair and lose custody of your goth-punk S.O.B. druggie brats. And then remember that he can kick your ass across his 600 acres of farmland without even trying. So be respectful.
by Demon Phoenix 1337 September 07, 2004

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Edit- A yorkshire terrier is a breed of small, obnoxious, ridiculously loud for its size dog that was bred in Yorkshire, England, for hunting rats. They bred these small irritating dogs because the King did not want the citizens to have dogs large enough to hunt the royal deer. So the yorkie was born, a little dog that is unrivaled in being sickeningly cute, to the point where you want to cave its little face in with a blunt instrument.

Yorkies have horrible tempers; they will frequently dig their needle-sharp teeth into people for no apparent reason, such as when they sit next to one of these dogs within six feet of them on a different couch. They pick fights with dogs six times their size, which is amusing, especially when a mastiff or something rips it to pieces. Yorkies become loyal to one master, and they hate everyone else and will bite complete strangers. I've seen it happen, and it happened to me once too.

If you have a yorkie in your house do not try to talk the owner into seeing how much of a little terror the dog is. Simply take it outside, tie it up, pull out a shotgun (I would reccommend a 16 gauge or bigger for maximum effect) and blow the little creature all over the pavement, then follow up by burning the remains just to be sure.
*Yorkie owner* "Oh, Mr. Phoenix, my dog is such a cutie. See, she just gave your foot a love bite! Oh, and another! Look at the little darling, she's playing 'tug of war' with your foot! I- oh my, Mr. Phoenix, I'm sorry, we don't allow guns in this home, I OH MY GOD, you put my dog down now, don't you hold it by its neck like that, where are you going with my dog-" **BLAM**
"OH MY GOD!!!!!"
"Oh pipe down, you crusty snatch faced mother fucker, the world's a better place now."
by Demon Phoenix 1337 December 25, 2004

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FUCKING REJECTS who are pissed off at the world, sad, depressed, condescending, annoying, bad at life and sex and halo 2, and can't control their emotions to save their ass from anything. Usually looks at everyone else like they're from mars. Makes me want to puke and fucking kill them all. Almost as bad as brits.
There goes an emo kid! Quick Goose, you got the .357?
by Demon Phoenix 1337 May 12, 2005

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This phenomenon occurs when you awake and realize you have a hard on.

The best way to deal with it is flash the first hour class with an outline of your bone, or to relentlessly fap before you go to school.
morning wood, if not properly taken care of, can cause Erectile Dysfunction
by Demon Phoenix 1337 October 03, 2004

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My vehicle. A very reliable one at that, running a 4.0L I-6. I got a '93 Cherokee at 130,000 miles, put about 50,000 miles on it and i've only had to get a radiator hose replaced and the AC tweaked. Treat a Jeep well and it'll treat you well. Not to be confused with Truck or SUV. An F-150 is a truck, and a good one at that. A Yukon is an SUV, and a good one at that. A Jeep is a Jeep; it's been around since the word "SUV" still meant "Strategic Unmanned Vehicle".
Yes, the little ricers can go fast. But get them offroad and you can commence the punishment.
by Demon Phoenix 1337 September 24, 2004

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