1. A degenerative disorder of the central nervous system characterized by tremor and impaired muscular coordination.
2. Degenerative motor control disorder occuring the morning after consuming large quatities of alcohol also known as the shakes.
I can't hold on to the tv remote this morning because I've got a touch of the Parkinsons.
by Yada yada April 24, 2003
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A disease that affects the brain, making the person who has it shake around unless they are on medication.
Stem cell research can help people with Parkinsons, but that idot Bush and those dumbfucking Conservatives won't let stem cells be used for treatment.
by weirdgirl June 26, 2003
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a male's genetalia that is shorter than its pubic hair
yo doggie i dont know if its cuz your asian or not but you got a parkinson going on down there
by chingity chang January 05, 2007
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VERB - to Parkinson is the act of passing your tounge over and around your partners anal orifice and after which you recieve your partners erect penis into your own anal orifice
After much deliberation Kat agreed to Parkinson
by saturdayboy2010 June 25, 2010
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When you have an orgasm so good you still shake and tremble hours after it, similar to someone who has Parkinson's disease. Your hands shiver, your body trembles for a long time, where people would think that you have that disease.
My boyfriend gave me Parkinsons the other day and I was walking like I was electrocuted or something. Many people thought that I had Parkinsons but I told them it was just the aftershock of a good orgasm.

I got the best sex the other day and I couldn't walk afterwards, it was like I had Parkinson's because my body couldn't stop shaking for hours.
by MsSnit November 13, 2011
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A dance which you stand up and shake your hands like you have parkinsons. Usually one thrusts one arm forward, and the other back, maybe pointing to a potential mate.
Hey, does that guy have parkinson's disease?
No, he's just doing The Parkinson.
by thegreatwizardlive December 05, 2007
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