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An amazing guy who makes you feel your best. He can make anyone smile at anytime of the day. He is the best boyfriend/friend you could ever ask for. He will make your life a thousand times better
"Tobey is the best boyfriend I could ask for"
by Nutty Magee August 21, 2011
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A complete bag of douche who thinks that they are a total player. Often seen wearing extremely homosexual pink shirts, plaid shorts, and Swiss (what the fuck?) hats.
Attempts to mack on a different girl every day (and usually never succeeds). Actually, to sum it all up, he's a model. For underwear. Favorite pastimes include taking pictures of oneself and dyeing oneself's hair.
Wow, that kid just slapped me on the ass. What a complete tobey.
by ninja II April 19, 2008
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1. A stub-fingered dwarf.
2. Smiley toddler with a touch of down's syndrome.
3. Shin-kicking nancyboy with an affinity for black dick.
Q: Who is that little boy standing under the coffee table crying?

A: Oh that's just little Tobey, but don't give him too much attention or he will try to sell you life insurance.
by Tumbletee October 08, 2009
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Skater boi from north shore plays fortnite wanted to make a montage but got bored
That guys a tobey
by Gary jones69 420 December 31, 2018
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