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From the historical hypnotist/magician Kreskin. When someone pulls a tactic, object, or idea from seemingly nowhere in a completely surprising manner. Occasionally, also when someone makes something to disappear in this manner.
The group seemed disappointed in not having papers. Suddenly, Jacob kreskined a pipe. "Where'd you get that," Jason said, astonished.
by Darklight December 1, 2004
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etym: first used by members of Team Sped in or around 1996

1. In Magic: the Gathering, a creature with power and toughness each greater than or equal to 3
2. In Magic: the Gathering, a dominating creature
3. A person of large physical dimensions
Dude. Craw Worm is totally an 8/8 house.

Rosie O'Donnel is a house.
by Darklight March 11, 2005
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etym: originally used by "Gaming Jim", this phrase was popularized by Team Sped

n. A person, regardless of race, who is in a group gathered for a particular task, and is unskilled at that task. Also has been shortened to both 'random' and 'mexican'
We need another person to play. Let's grab a random mexican off the street.
by Darklight March 11, 2005
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Synonym of 'to the head' or 'to the face'.

In Magic: the Gathering, to damage an opposing player, especially with a direct damage spell.
"You have no creatures, so I guess I'll send my Lightning Bolt to the dome."
by Darklight July 26, 2005
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A person from Denmark speaks denmarkish.
Ex. Sir spooks speaks Denmarkish to his viewers.
by Darklight December 6, 2021
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Dipping your johnson in any substance that will come off on impact, such as paint (if you're brave), chocolate, etc...and slapping someone in the face so that it leaves a print. Preferably the harder the substance to wash off, the better.
That bitch got mouthy in the sack last night so I Wang Fangled her.
by Darklight February 27, 2004
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etym: past participle of the spanish verb tener, 'to have'

1. Owned
2. Own

Usage: Verb, slang. In proper spanish grammar, 'tenido' is meaningless on its own. Therefore, it is treated as an English word for syntax purposes.
1. 'Tenido en la cara!' ('Owned in the face!')
2. 'Tenido!' ('Owned!')
3. 'Spanish tenidos your face.'
by Darklight April 9, 2005
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