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1.Similar to the Ass Gnome. An ass hobbit is a fat midget born of a persons anus and normally has large amounts of anal moustache. Though slightly larger than ass gnomes the two are easily confused mainly because they have very similar appearance, indeed most of the time they both normally have toffee bracelets too.

2. May be used to insult a gay dwarf.
"Dude is that an ass gnome or an ass hobbit?"
"You should know, haven't you given birth to an ass gnome?"


"fo shizzle ass hobbit, haven't you got some rectums to invade?"
by DanteRhodesWatts February 21, 2009

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In modern times, how nothing in social life involving freinds is official until posted on Facebook.
Leroy: "Yo dude dude did you hear? Mandy and Stephen broke up!"

Paul: "Nahh man, someone's shitting you."

Facebook: 'Stephen Rogers is now single'

Paul: "No shit man they really did! It's faceficial!"
by DanteRhodesWatts January 31, 2010

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The frustrating circumstance when a person cannot think of anything decent or interesting to post as their facebook status...
I know, I've got status block; I'm completely blank.
by DanteRhodesWatts October 11, 2010

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A person, not gender specific, who has received 5 or more of the British criminal punishments, ASBO's (Anti-Social Behavoral Order), in a year. They are so called because of their apparant addicition to misbehaviour much like a whore to sex. May also be called ASBO Addict.
"You hear about Jason? His 6th ASBO this year!"
"I know, what an ASBO whore."
by DanteRhodesWatts February 23, 2009

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More commonly refered to as Jizz Pirate, this is the name given to 'Jizz Pirates' on the black market, however to the law and most others Jizz Pirate is what they are known by.

It is possible that Jizz piracy is illegal so if you hear of it, remember: report it, don't support it!

See Jizz Pirate for more details.
Jack was nervous at first, with the penis at his mouth, however remembering his new position of bucaneer of ejaculationary fluids, he knew that this mans semen needed to be hijacked.
by DanteRhodesWatts February 21, 2009

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The motorcycle from Grand Theft Auto IV, used in multiplayer mode sometimes.

When in-game on GTA IV and you use the faggio, be warned, you may be insulted, for an example see the real life comment i heard once...(made me crack up)
"Hey check the dude on the faggio, he's in last!"

"Heh. What a faggio..."
by DanteRhodesWatts February 23, 2009

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When two men interact in a sexual manner. Specifically, one man stands in front of the other. His intimate companion stands behind, penis inserted inside the other's anus, one arm around his lover's chest and his other hand holding the other's manhood. The man in front stands with his arms spread wide, akin to Rose from Titanic. This move may be accompanied by a well known Celine Dion track, although this is optional.
Bailey and Dan said they were straight, but apparently they did a Titanic at the pub the other night.
by DanteRhodesWatts May 24, 2017

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