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Scooter from the GTA video game series. It is a derogatory, effeminate play on the name of the Italian scooter brand Piaggio, as scooters (sometimes referred to as vespas) are generally perceived to be only a slightly less emasculating mode of transportation than the segway, the pink tricycle, or an electric barbie car.
Secondarily, It can be interpreted as a clear insult directed at the effeminate owners of such modes of transportation (see artfag).
This beigecream faggio certainly is a slow and gay mode of transportation

That faggio owner certainly looks gay slathered in beigecream
by whickywhickyjim January 02, 2007
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The motorcycle from Grand Theft Auto IV, used in multiplayer mode sometimes.

When in-game on GTA IV and you use the faggio, be warned, you may be insulted, for an example see the real life comment i heard once...(made me crack up)
"Hey check the dude on the faggio, he's in last!"

"Heh. What a faggio..."
by DanteRhodesWatts February 23, 2009
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Homo or the moped in grand theft auto vice city. extremely effeminate faggot.
Combined with Elton becomes the gayest imaginable, Elton Faggio.
Look at the faggio in the san fransisco t-shirt.
by Ill mon April 26, 2007
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Not only a motorcycle in grand theft auto vice city, but you can trick people into thinking it has something to do with Faggot or fag
Donut: You see the faggio over there chicken wing
Chicken wing: uh?? Does that mean fag?

-Your mom
by Yourmom_is_a_woe June 20, 2016
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1. stupid, "gay"
2. homosexual
3. a word i got a lecture for inventing because minors around me began using it even though it was funny as heck and just a freakin' joke
"Getting a lecture for inventing the word faggio is totally faggio!" also commonly used in the phrase "that's faggio"
by lisagirl April 10, 2003
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