16 definitions by Dan Jewell

The climax to a certain situation. Usaully preceded by the "Luke..."
1. In the Movie "Friday", the "Luke, I am your father" is when, Craig whoops Deebo's ass. Yeaahh!!!

2. The "Luke I am your father" of slim bavis's life, was giving the rectal thermometer to his favorite moped.
by Dan Jewell March 23, 2005
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As Humpty Hump said in "The Humpty Dance", "I use a word that don't mean nothin', like lupid" The verb "lupid" actually means to smoke marijuana and drink excessive alcohol.
After a night of over indulgence of drink and herb Jim said,
"Yo Dan, last night I was so lupid I rode moped"
Dan replied, "You mean you rode a stupid scooter"
Jim said, "Na man, I humped a fat chick"
by Dan Jewell March 17, 2005
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To hump a fat chick, out of desperation, fun or just straight being lupid.
Usually preceded by "riding a..."
My stupid friend Jim, always talks about two things, riding mopeds and playing with his elbia, which usually will impress a fat chick into the sex.
by Dan Jewell March 17, 2005
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A large pickle, approximately seventeen to twenty-two inches in length
Wow, that's the largest scianna I've ever seen, do you have more where that came from.
by Dan Jewell October 5, 2003
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To act like, or say that you indeed like or love the band Nickelback in order to bed a hottie of the opposite sex.
Slim: "Yo Dan, you see that fine piece of ass over there with the Nickelback shirt on."
Dan: "Yeah, I'd take a shot in the mouth in order to give her the rectal thermometer.
by Dan Jewell April 11, 2005
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A drink not unlike a martini made w/ only the finest cordials.
Hand me another slim bavis, ha ha ha!!!
by Dan Jewell October 5, 2003
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One who excells in a particular sport, instrument, or hobby; Better than excellent
Yo, the new drummer for No Lily is vagina good.
by Dan Jewell October 25, 2003
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