I left my car door open, and someone deeboed my CD player and ray-bans.
by ricky roma November 24, 2003
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to steal.

derived from the conniving ways of "Deebo," a character in the movie "Friday."

Why you deebo my college application, homie?
by la chica snowflake December 5, 2006
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Usually used in the south, it means when you have taken something from another person without them knowing it or without giving you permission to take it.
"Man I deeboed that hat!"
by Eboni March 15, 2005
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to swoe, own, pwn, punk, beat, or show up a person
did you see the fight in the cafeteria? mike got deebo'd!
by Norristonian April 29, 2004
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To be defiled, defamed, owned, tricked by a ruse, or to suffer bad fortune.
"I nutted in this bitch's face, deeboed her makeup."

"Did you see that guy get hit by the car? DEEBO!"

"I was in Camden and someone went into my pocket and deeboed me out of $50"

"Terrorist just flew planes into the world trade center. Deebo."
by Eli1982 February 16, 2009
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a slang term to steal or take.used among gangs and prostitutes.
"girl i hate that whore stella!"
"but why?"
"she deeboed my man"
by sofie gurll August 22, 2009
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named after the character in ice cube's movie Friday, deebo is an adjective describing something fresh enough to be jacked by someone.
Girl: Do you like my leather boots? They're new.

Boy: Yeah, they're deebo. Better take them off before we go out.
by blowmymind September 5, 2009
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