16 definitions by Dan Jewell

The climax to a certain situation. Usaully preceded by the "Luke..."
1. In the Movie "Friday", the "Luke, I am your father" is when, Craig whoops Deebo's ass. Yeaahh!!!

2. The "Luke I am your father" of slim bavis's life, was giving the rectal thermometer to his favorite moped.
by Dan Jewell March 23, 2005
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As Humpty Hump said in "The Humpty Dance", "I use a word that don't mean nothin', like lupid" The verb "lupid" actually means to smoke marijuana and drink excessive alcohol.
After a night of over indulgence of drink and herb Jim said,
"Yo Dan, last night I was so lupid I rode moped"
Dan replied, "You mean you rode a stupid scooter"
Jim said, "Na man, I humped a fat chick"
by Dan Jewell March 17, 2005
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To hump a fat chick, out of desperation, fun or just straight being lupid.
Usually preceded by "riding a..."
My stupid friend Jim, always talks about two things, riding mopeds and playing with his elbia, which usually will impress a fat chick into the sex.
by Dan Jewell March 17, 2005
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When a female partner has clammy or "sweat soaked hands" and gives you a hand job.
After Michel reached into Dan's pants, Dan looked Michel dead in the eye and said, "Yo, wash your hands first, I didn't think you were going to clam the johnny."
by Dan Jewell March 31, 2005
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The act of sticking a digit into your female partners anus, while engaging in intercourse, in order to gauge that womans boundries or limitations concerning further action, up the old dirt road.
Clint: "Yo Dan, why you got a black eye man?"
Dan: "Yo, Michel socked me in the eye-face after I gave her a Rectal Thremometer. I guess I won't find out how pink her sock is."
Clint: "Awe fo' real doh?"
Dan: "Naw, billdo."
by Dan Jewell February 24, 2005
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the act of sticking ones finger up an unsuspecting butthole
While re-tying her shoes, Kaela was pleasently surprised by a pork squid served sunny side up.
by Dan Jewell October 14, 2003
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