Definition/Usage: Usually said when you think something is awesome...
Background: Comes from the Matt/Manda term Irish,meaning awesome, and -ness, meaning "over the top"
That is so totally Irishness, bizzotch!!
by M@ April 25, 2005
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to pertain an irish air about it
sexy lady no1: man jayce is just the hottest thing
sexy lady no2: yeah i heard he's irish!
sexy lady no1: let's go bask in his irishness (becons jayce over with her index finger)
sexy lady no2: and then we can have a threesome!
jayce: hell no bitch, you're ugly and you pull your thong up to your titties.
sexy lady no1: ouch..burn. oh well more irishness for me!
by 143 KB April 11, 2006
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Adjective used to describe the bravest men, the most beautiful women, the loveliest landscape, and the best whiskey ever to bless the Earth.

Used in most countries to describe what they wish they were.
"Mon Dieu! My snail-eating country is full of cowards and ugly women. Why did not God make me Irish?!"

"We wudna turned tail at Dunkirk if we'd been the bloody Irish."

"Irish? Ain' dat some foo'ball team?"
by Stiofain December 23, 2011
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Some good people who have nice history. Have nice displays of castles and their food's delicious. Casual and smart.
Irish go for Ireland.
by Antonio1112 December 11, 2008
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These guys and girls know how to have a good time. Out of all the other europeans and besides germans they are the best!
by Edwardirish36 January 11, 2012
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1. The lovely people from Ireland

2. The ones who fought the english for over 800 years (we haven't really gotten over that)
3. Best drinkers and safest drinkers to be around (if you saw the euros 2016 you'd know)
4. The beautiful language spoken in Ireland
"Beidh muid ag ardú arís"
5. The makers and founders of Guinness
6. Awesome people
7. Beautiful landscapes

Basically one of the best countries

F.Y.I we're not all leprechauns or red heads and we DONT HAVE LUCKY CHARMS here!
Also it's St.Patricks day or St.Paddys day not St.Pattys day
The Irish have the best Guinness you can get
by SassymurphyXoX July 31, 2016
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