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(1) The title of a song from a 1978 Lassie movie that bombed in the box office
(2) A 2016 novel about a singer who uses medical marijuana for her PTSD that is, I shit you not, 420 pages.
Girl 1: I love the '70s so much I'm listening to Nobody's Property!
Girl 2: The fictional band from the book?
Girl 1: No, a song from the soundtrack of The Magic of Lassie
Girl 2: Didn't that bomb in the box office?
Girl 1: How would I know? I wasn't born until 1995.
Girl 2: I just finished reading the book. It's about some singer with PTSD who vapes pot, and no shit, it's 420 pages. The guy who wrote it claims that wasn't intentional...
Girl 1: He sounds like he's full of shit.
by DaisukeDoki October 14, 2017
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