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Simply means yes no. The sayer will have the option later to clarify it as yes or no depending on how current circumstance requires.
Donnie, when asked if he wanted to proceed, answered with “nes”. He later clarified to his supporters he meant yes while also reassuring his critics that he meant no.
by DaZmanBob July 31, 2018
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Economic or financial disaster of Greek proportions.
The collapse of the Greek economy was kalamatous.
by DaZmanBob January 18, 2013
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He had a trumper tantrum after his claim of winning by a lot was rejected.
by DaZmanBob December 19, 2020
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Clarifying something with extra emphasis.
The issue was so important but difficult to understand, they decided to hold a meeting to clarifize it.
by DaZmanBob October 8, 2011
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Experiencing mixed emotions of being sad, angry, and happy at the same time.
I was sangrelated when I heard my friend was retiring. It left me sad he was leaving, angry I was not going with him, but also elated he was getting out of the rat race.
by DaZmanBob October 12, 2018
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A software bug that later gets reclassified as a feature when all attempts to fix it finally fail
The inability to edit your document in Windows is a beature that protects its authenticty.
by DaZmanBob August 5, 2017
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