Clarifying something with extra emphasis.
The issue was so important but difficult to understand, they decided to hold a meeting to clarifize it.
by DaZmanBob October 8, 2011
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giving further explanification to something previously statified

"thanks for clarificating"

"^ is that a word?"

"yes, it is. check urban dictionary dude"
by Interstella666 April 18, 2008
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Mary-“What’s your pw” John-“why” Mary- “so I can know if your cheating on me or not” to make sure he’s not cheating with clarification
by Thatgirlbadd March 3, 2018
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A form of clarifying, where the clarification is originally clear, yet out of spite, a response is given of bitter origins. This is also due to the lack of actual knowledge of knowing how to actually spell 'clarifying'.
Thanks for clarifing. That makes sense to me. Debrah (Name actually spelled Deborah).
by DanielAtEBS September 7, 2007
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When you jerk off and throw your cum in an uinsuspecting blind girl's face.
Guy 1: I want to the school for the blind and performed a beating clarification numerous times.

Guy 2: Let there be light!
by dirty fender May 30, 2010
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