An asian man, preferrable of chinese backround.
He thinks he's gangster, when in reality, he isnt.
Kind of like a wangsta except its asian.
Yo man! Jonathan chao be the biggest changsta alive!
by E-Money [Bufu] June 8, 2003
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Someone who is not a full chav, or a full gangsta, only a cross between the two.
They share both chavvy and gangsta-like qualities, creating a unique combination-CHANGSTA.
Samiha is a CHANGSTA- mainly gangsta, but with a hint of chav!
by samiha May 8, 2006
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chinese gangsta that is a member of a boy scout troop and believes it is gangsta to be a boy scout. He would like to hook up with non gangsta girl scouts.
"That kid with the boy scout shirt hanging around his neck is such a changsta!"
by Troop 129 May 29, 2005
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