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A growth on your lip caused by a zit or even a mild case of herpes that makes your lip puffy and gross.
Tony has ju ju lips from kissing too many freaks.
by DT March 07, 2005
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One who has such a high level of stupidity that they are seen as both a moron and a retard at the same time.
by DT February 22, 2005
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An oxymoron; a contradiction. A sarcastic description of a sclerotic and impotent country without vision relying upon historical myths of past greatness. Typically a reference to continental Europe.
France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, etc.
by DT December 21, 2004
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A mental condition marked by a lack of will to pro-creation. Homosexual or sterile. Self-absorbed, given to excessive narcissism.
Due to crippling socialism and eurosexuality, the Muslims demographically conquered Europe.
by DT December 21, 2004
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Eurochick doing animal porn. Commonly found in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Eastern European countries. Known by their bestial stench and track-marks. Extremely common.
"Hey Euroskank, you're supposed to pull the horse's reins, not its cock"! "Doesn't that stupid cunt know that's not how to get puppies"? German girl to pony: "Ooooh, Liebschen"!
by DT December 21, 2004
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