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A person living in Texas during the time of the Republic of Texas.

A person modern who advocates that Texas secede from the United States.
The Texicans sought entry of Texas into the United States as a way to repay war debts and ensure that Mexico would not attempt to reclaim their former territory.

Senator Smith is running on a Texican platform, claiming that Texas contributes more to the United States that the state receives in return.
by johntex December 08, 2004
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A native Texan of Mexican descent.
He's a second-generation Texican.
by DT October 05, 2003
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This is easy for anyone with a basic knowledge of history. A Texican, or a Texian, were both mid-19th century words for American colonists to Texas.

In contrast, a Tejano was a Texan of Mexican origin. Simple as that. All this other nonsense posted here is just that.
Texicans and Tejanos alike rebelled against the Mexican Government
by pjnevada August 19, 2011
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Most TEXICANS are AGAINST the proposed wall bordering around the United States. If the wall had been up three generations ago, I would not be a TEXICAN, I'd be a MEXICAN.
by Texicans Against Trump January 27, 2017
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A Texican is person of european decent in Texas. A Tejano is a person of hispanic decent in Texas
I'm a Texican. My ancestors are German and Irish.
by RealTexican February 19, 2006
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