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Eurosexuality is a modern and culturally specific form of lifestyle. Found to be exemplified in up-beat modern Europeans (usually men), whose dress code is highly distinguishable, consisting of nothing but high quality brand label clothing including Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. It involves the will to actively partake in bodily care that may be considered feminine or "girly", whilst possessing the ability to grow bodily hair to a vast degree and displaying one's manhood via macho gestures, tough guy speech and sexually beckoning displays towards the opposite sex and overall, maintaining an abundantly straight sexual preference that is considered eager rather than chauvinistic. Not to be confused with metrosexual, where the subject exhibits bisexual tendencies. Mostly found in male teenagers from European descent that posses a knowledge of current trends in today’s society, yet no matter the immediate environment, atmosphere or climate, choose to proudly display their ethnicity via trendy, up beat, neutral coloured clothing including blacks, greys browns and dark blues. Chains or ear piercing are also a distinguishing feature, yet the most blatant is the excellent coordination between items of clothing.
One who has rugged yet trendy facial hair, dark denim jeans, tight upper body T-shirt, silver neck chains and tidy, yet practical shoes and who also exhibits a strong attraction to the opposite sex and who lives as one of European descent, may be considered Eurosexual.
by Wogking January 07, 2006
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The original, pre-Euro Metrosexual, but with better taste in clothing, sports cars, women, and restaurants! (no yacht, I use my friend's in Monte Carlo)
After the rise of their new currency, Eurosexuals no longer have to "borrow an American's creditcard!" Now, Americans pay me back!
by Co'connelle August 08, 2005
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A mental condition marked by a lack of will to pro-creation. Homosexual or sterile. Self-absorbed, given to excessive narcissism.
Due to crippling socialism and eurosexuality, the Muslims demographically conquered Europe.
by DT December 21, 2004
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