Name for a broken down car or truck sitting in someones front yard.

These are usually found in small towns, and the car is usually an older American car. Camaros are one of the most common lawn ornaments found
"Hey Jeb, you ever gonna fix up that Camaro or do just keep it as a lawn ornament"
by Paul July 12, 2004
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When two men tag team a woman, one man from behind and the other from the front they then reach across and lock arms and begin to rock back and forth like the little lawn ornament lumberjacks that saw the little log when it's windy.

*Saw optional, but preffered.
Remember when we lawn ornament lumberjacked nana?
by Jose85 October 22, 2006
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That day after a huge fight with an SO, where you post a bunch of fake shit so no one knows how fucked up your life really is.
She and billy were fighting all weekend. Now it's plastic lawn ornament day.
by Bragnonymous July 25, 2015
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